The Wait

As I sit here in the darkness, peering out at the life outside,

The need to run and flee is hidden deep inside

In the room down the corridor, my son fights for his life

Only one person is allowed by his bed, so I've left that for his wife.

They say the car just lost control, that the driver had been on the drink,

Why do careless people never take the time to think?

I'll just sit here in the darkness, as I find the lights too bright,

I'd rather sit here quiet, thinking and keeping out of sight.

I need to be on my own, it's the best way that I cope.

Sitting here I'm praying, I will never give up hope.

I hear footsteps echo down the corridor, I can hear them getting near.

But still I sit and stare out of the window, keeping a hold of my fear.

The creaking door makes me jump and on my shoulder appears a hand,

This is the moment I've been dreading, do I sit or do I stand?

As the doctor sits beside me I'm waiting for those words to come,

But instead he holds my hand and says “He's asking for his Mum.”

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