Dressage Day

The morning has arrived, the day is finally here.
It's time to dust off my boots again and show I have no fear.
I know it's only four minutes but to me it feels like a week.
I'm smiling on the outside but I really want to freak!
I've already forgotten my saddle, my jodhpurs and my hat
My husband says if we make it on time he will eat the cat! 
As we skid into the yard at least my horse is looking ready.
I'm hoping today will be a good day and he will take it steady!
Last time we tried Dressage we didn't get too far,
As he thought he was at Badminton and tried to jump the judges car! 
As we arrive at the venue my knees begin to shake 
We better park up soon as I need a quick loo break!
My husband thinks I'm crazy as I race from the car,
But I'm just very grateful that the toilets aren't too far.....
Finally unloaded, tacked up and on board,
I've only got ten minutes to convince my horse he isn't Concorde!
As we enter the warm up arena he walks like he's on air,
And I realise I should have bought the older cobby mare!
The other competitors glide round with such perfect grace,
While i struggle to stay on with a bright red face.
The Steward shouts my name and I pretend I haven't heard,
All the time muttering to myself a very rude word!
As we enter the arena my horse begins to neigh
And I knew I should have given him the extra net of hay!
As we ride past the car the judge gives me a smile,
But she won't be doing that in a very short while!
As the bell rings out I realise that it's now or never 
And this is where my horse thinks that he's really rather clever!
The trot is feeling good as we head up the centre line 
So maybe he'll be calm and we will be just fine!
I try to look composed as I feel his tail swish,
Why on Earth did I attempt this Dressage death wish?
As my horse decides that flat work is rather boring,
I bet my husband's sat in the car oblivious and gently snoring!
He has no idea that I might actually die,
As my horse's cheeky bucks get seriously high! 
Valegro would be proud of our canter flying change,
If we weren't supposed to be doing walk on a free rein..
One more canter circle and I'm still very much alive
So this time we might score higher than the usual four or five.
As we head up the centre line to do our final halt,
I'm just so relieved that this time he didn't bolt!
Perhaps he could make a Dressage Horse yet,
But I don't think that's a very safe bet!
As I salute to the judge I can see by her face,
That my horse would be more suited to a donkey derby race!
But at least we tried our best and gave it a good shot,
Even though all the spectators think I've totally lost the plot!
As I pat his neck I'm feeling just a little proud,
That this time he didn't launch me straight into the crowd.
We've come along way, this horse and me
And I know he's not everyone's total cup of tea.
But at least we are here and giving it a go,
And made it into the arena unlike last week's show...
When my test sheet comes back I'm not sure I want to read,
I know Dressage judges aren't keen on too much speed ...
I scored a six so I'm delighted! Who would have imagined that!
Although written at the bottom in red letters is "WELL SAT".

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