My poetry

My poems are inspired by anything and everything,from humorous dating disasters to heartfelt emotion.

They just seem to appear in my head from nowhere!

If you enjoy reading them please feel free to share them on your social media sites but please always credit me! Thankyou x

The Wait

As I sit here in the darkness, peering out at the life outside,

The need to run and flee is hidden deep inside

In the room down the corridor, my son fights for his life

Dressage Day

The morning has arrived, the day is finally here.
It's time to dust off my boots again and show I have no fear.
I know it's only four minutes but to me it feels like a week.
I'm smiling on the outside but I really want to freak!
I've already forgotten my saddle, my jodhpurs and my hat
My husband says if we make it on time he will eat the cat! 

New Year

Another year has gone by another year has been,

Whether you stuck to your resolutions may still remain to be seen.

But take a look around, take a moment just to pause.

You made it, you survived give yourself a round of applause.

Bloody Single

Having been single for over a year,
I thought I best get my undateable self in gear.
As I fired up the laptop to see what I could find,
I prayed to God that he would be kind!

When Ponies Get Their Wings

When I first rode Whisper I was only three and a half.

His mane was so long it tickled my hands and made me laugh.

As I wobbled around on top of him, he took it really slow.

I knew he was the one to take me to my first pony show.

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