When Ponies Get Their Wings

When I first rode Whisper I was only three and a half.

His mane was so long it tickled my hands and made me laugh.

As I wobbled around on top of him, he took it really slow.

I knew he was the one to take me to my first pony show.

My Mum would hold my leg as we plodded up the track

Me sitting like a soldier on my dear little ponies back.

As the months turned to years and he became my very best friend

I knew he would be my special pony until the very end.

He did have his moments as the years went by

And could be known to throw in a buck or a cheeky little shy.

At shows we learnt together and soon over the jumps we flew,

We even won rosettes and happily shared an ice cream or two.

When Whisper started to get slower Mum said he was growing old

But to me he was still precious, still worth his weight in gold.

They told me that one day he would spread his wings and fly

Up to pony heaven but I couldn't understand why.

I knew he was getting slower and his face was getting grey,

And he didn't seem to want his feed or his hay.

They told me up in heaven the ponies all run free,

and that they eat the best grass and can paddle in the sea.

One morning we went to the stable and found Whisper led in the straw,

It wasn't like him not to have his head over the stable door.

My Mum gave me a hug and I suddenly understood why

It was time for Whisper to spread his pony wings and fly.

As I kissed his velvet nose and gave him one last pat

I knew it was his time to leave us and got up from where I sat.

My Dad took my hand and we went indoors to play

While Mum and the Vet helped Whisper spread his wings and fly away.

I will never forget the pony on who I learnt to ride,

There's a special place in my heart where Whisper will always hide xx

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